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Revive emotion

Revive emotion

Weapons are objects that often welcome the soul of a hunter and, at first glance, makes us perceive his ambition, his tastes, his research. Behind the veined and finely sanded woods, behind the bronzed steels, behind the engravings decorating the scales, there is the profound influence of a technique whose rudiments were acquired with the first flints transformed into a few percussive strokes. Since then, progress has been constantly affirmed and is based today on technological choices, on original ideas, on achievements that revive an emotion that sometimes we take for granted.

Smooth weapons
    • A new version of our Super Orion C40

      A new version of our Super Orion C40

      The hunting season has started almost everywhere in Europe and Chapuis Armes is proposing a completely new version of our C40 ....

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      A new version of our C40
    • Side by side rifle X4

      Side by side rifle X4

      In a conventional double rifle, barrel convergence can only be obtained by a complex soldering operation that requires highly skilled labour and mandates the use of only one load. With very few exceptions, this means that going to another load requires re-regulation of the barrels, which implies returning the gun to the factory for intricate polishing and blueing.

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      Express juxtaposé X4